Compliance Manager

Job Description:

Compliance managers need a solid background in statistical, analytical and organizational skills. Candidates should possess the ability to collaborate and build partnerships with multiple business units within a company. A bachelor’s degree in business or accounting is expected; an advanced degree is preferred. At least two to four years of related experience and proficiency in computer applications is required. A professional designation in the field of auditing or compliance is preferred. 

Typical Duties of a Compliance Manager: 

  • Creating and reviewing regulatory compliance documentation 
  • Coordinating the creation, review and implementation of policies and procedures resulting from new laws and regulations 
  • Applying and interpreting audit and compliance requirements for various departments 
  • Working closely with the compliance director and other senior executives 
  • Designing and coordinating the preparation and ongoing review of policies, procedures, training materials and other communication tools to ensure departments meet compliance requirements 
  • Coordinating regulatory exams and internal business unit audits 
  • Interacting with external auditors on matters related to audits of the organization’s internal controls 
  • Establishing self-audit and compliance monitoring programs 
  • Reviewing and assessing potential fraud activity and developing fraud detection tools 
  • Filing regulatory reports and other documentation 
  • Coordinating rollout and training of new or updated policies and directives when required